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Created to provide a level of service that far exceeds patient and physician expectations, Beaches MRI of Palm Beach Gardens combines the expertise and dedication of a physician owned and operated facility with state-of-the-art technology that delivers imaging of unmatched quality and clarity. Dedicated to assuring that the imaging process is as comfortable as possible for our patients, Beaches MRI has created an environment designed for stress-free relaxation. Our professional staff, soothing atmosphere and open architecture scanner ensure the ultimate in patient care.

Compare Us to Hospital MRI

Compare Us to Hospital MRI

- Favorable Pricing
For patients who have health insurance deductibles, the out-of-pocket costs for exams at Beaches MRI could be a fraction of that charged by hospitals for the same exams. Why? Because Beaches MRI is an independent facility, and the dollar costs of our procedures are 30-60% less than hospitals for the same service. So you can save thousands of dollars by having an MRI performed at Beaches MRI.

In addition, hospitals typically charge two fees: one for the MRI and another for the radiologist who reads the exam. The Radiologist fee can be hundreds of dollars and Hospitals may not include it in their estimate prior to service.

At Beaches MRI, our prices always include both the exam and the Radiologist fee.

- Facility
Because we are Physician owned, our service throughout the entire exam is unsurpassed.  Your visit begins in a clean, uncrowded waiting room with minimal wait time.  Your imaging study is performed using the latest technology, on MRI instruments that are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology.   Our friendly, attentive staff takes care of you throughout your visit.  When the exam is complete, your results are delivered promptly and securely to your Physician.

- All we do is MRI
At Beaches MRI of Palm Beach Gardens, we are specialists in performing MRI exams.  Our Radiologists are all Board Certified, have advanced training, and are dedicated to providing the most accurate MRI results possible.

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